Amirhossein Hakimnejad

AI and Web development enthusiast

I'm Amir Hakimnejad
I'm a member of MRLSPL.We research in AI and robotic fields. For now my main field is robot global localization.
I also enthusiast in web development and try to save some time for it and learn new things about it.
My main goal is to contribute to a better world as best as I can.
This website is going to be a place for those who want to know me better, I put my CV here and I'll try put all my projects here too.
Thats all the time I have for now and I hope to see you.
Contact me for more.
I think the foremost quality – there’s no success without it – is really loving what you do. If you love it, you do it well, and there’s no success if you don’t do well what you’re working at.
Malcolm Forbes

I'm doing my best to keep my github up to date, so as long as I do that this section will be updated automatically.

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And here is my CV

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